Experience the highest grade Japanese matcha from the comfort of your home

Happy Matcha is sourced from Japan's most pristine tea growing region, harvested by some of the happiest and most loving hands in the industry. Every cup of Happy Matcha will make you smile from ear to ear.

Organic Matcha Green Tea On Sale!


Why Happy Matcha?

Through century old tea growing techniques, Happy Matcha has produced the crème de la crème of the green tea world. Carefully crafted with the finest quality green tea leaves providing unmatched taste and increased level of nutrients. We think Happy Matcha is the best matcha available in Australia and invite you to try it, with free delivery Australia wide!


Happy Matcha

  • Beautiful emerald green in colour
  • Light and fine to the touch, almost fluffy
  • Strong but sweet in scent
  • Smooth to drink with lingering creamy texture
  • Naturally sweet in taste with vegetative undertones
  • Mellow with umami
  • 100% organic (certified by JASCERT)

Inferior Matcha

  • Dull green or yellowish in colour
  • Clumped together and coarse to touch
  • Strong but unpleasent scent
  • Cannot be whisked into smooth creamy texture
  • Strong in a grassy astringent taste
  • Generally bitter in taste
  • May use harmful chemicals during farming

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