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Vanilla Matcha Smoothie

If you’re looking for the perfect smoothie to kickstart your day, try this creamy matcha smoothie using our culinary grade Happy Matcha. Packed with nutrients to fuel your body, this smoothie will keep you going all morning! Ingredients 1 cup almond milk (or your milk replacement of choice) 1 teaspoon matcha green tea powder 1 […]

Fragrant Asian Soup with a Touch of Matcha Recipe

This aromatic soup is really good, and you can expect a rich, creamy result. We are using ginger, garlic and coriander for fresh flavours, and these ingredients are found in various Asian cuisines. We are also using coconut milk which is popular in Southeast Asia, and matcha green tea which ties all the flavours together […]

Browned Butter Penne with Matcha Recipe

This unusual recipe teams pasta and a basic butter, cheese and garlic sauce with a hint of green tea. This interesting fusion recipe certainly makes a change from spaghetti Bolognese or carbonara, and you will be surprised how well the delicate matcha flavour complements the other ingredients. Add some chicken or shrimp to the dish […]

Raindrop Cake Recipe with Matcha Grass Crumbs (Mizu Shingen)

Raindrop cake, which is also known as Japanese water cake or mizu shingen mochi, is one of the most stunning looking desserts you can get. It looks like a raindrop and tastes sweet and smooth. Raindrop cake is traditionally made with agar (kanten) rather than gelatin but for the most translucent look agar works best […]

Matcha Mint Protein Balls with Chocolate Chips Recipe

Kristy from Southern In Law has taken our Culinary Matcha Green Tea powder for a spin over the weekend and came up with a gluten free, vegan matcha treat which she has aptly named little love bites AKA “Matcha Mint Chocolate Chip Protein Bites”. These little treats are heavenly and are jam packed with health benefits associated our Matcha […]