How much caffeine does Matcha Green Tea have compared to coffee?

One of the most commonly asked question we have received is “How much caffeine does matcha green tea contain?” In brief, a single serving of Matcha, which is about 1 gram of matcha, contains approximately 34mg of caffeine, much less than a cup of coffee. This is seen by most as only a small measure of caffeine and is much less than the caffeine common adults are consuming on a daily basis. A maximum intake of 400 mg is considered safe for an adult on a daily basis, though this may vary from person to person.Despite its small level of caffeine, it is evident that drinkers of matcha green tea can see a boost in alertness soon after consumption. Learn more on this point at Health Shake Review, they focus on reviews like the man shake review but also wrote a great piece called “I Swapped Coffee For Green Juice Every Morning For A Week”, check it out here.Contrastingly, matcha green tea doesn’t make you “wired” like coffee, instead, it can be seen as a prolonged alertness which gets carried over a longer period of time. It also has a calming effect which is one of the reasons why Buddhist monks drink matcha green tea to assist their daily meditation.For pregnant women, it is best to check with your doctor whether it is safe for you to drink Matcha green tea or not.

Matcha green tea compared to coffee or tea.

A key difference between matcha and coffee as well as different types of tea is that the caffeine in matcha works in a synergistic way with the other elements contained in matcha, such as its high level of antioxidants, L-theanine and a host of vitamins. The caffeine that is found in matcha is also a healthier form of caffeine called theophylline which sustains energy levels without the crash or the jitters.The crash experienced by coffee drinkers is connected with the quick drop in glucose which does not happen for matcha drinkers. The caffeine in matcha (theophylline) can be seen as a natural timed-discharged system which has a tendency to restrain and sudden increase or drop of insulin, which is the main reason why people “crash” a few hours after their coffee.As outlined, this unique combination of caffeine (theophylline) + antioxidtans + L-theanine delivers a combo of benefits for matcha drinkers providing sustained energy whilst maintaining a calming effect. These benefits is what keeps matcha drinkers coming back and to a great degree, converts many coffee drinkers who have been looking for the caffeine packed coffee.

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