Top 23 things you didn’t know about about Matcha Green Tea

The Chinese studied green tea centuries ago. They came to understand the medicinal benefits of green tea. Nowadays the world as a whole understands that drinking green tea has a lot of benefits. The Chinese still use it to cure headaches and depression. Green tea has been used to cure these ailments and more for over 4000 years now, making it stick out as a common remedy for a number of illnesses.

 Top 23 Green Tea Facts

  1. Green tea reduces your risk of getting cancer by stopping cancer cells from developing. It is especially effective on the colon, pancreas, rectum, bladder, esophagus and the stomach. It also does no damage to healthy cells.
  2. Green tea provides relief for people suffering from rheumatoid arthritis
  3. Green tea lowers your risk of developing hypertension and high blood pressure
  4. Green tea reduces your cholesterol levels
  5. Green tea boosts your metabolism
  6. Green tea bolsters your immune system and helps your body fight off infections from viruses and bacteria
  7. Green tea prevents thrombosis which brings down your chances of having a heart attack or stroke
  8. Green tea helps the body get rid of free radicals
  9. Green tea calms you down which reduces stress and fatigue
  10. Green tea helps in the fight against cardiovascular disease
  11. Green tea is known for being good at fighting bacteria and viruses
  12. Green tea contains a lot of catechin polyphenols, especially epigallocatechin (EGCG), a powerful antioxidant that purifies your body
  13. The ECGCG in green tea is twice as effective as reservatol, which is used to reduce heart disease
  14. Green tea is manufactured from the Camelia Sinesis plant
  15. Green tea is different from other teas because of how it is processed – green tea leaves are steamed so they retain all their nutrients
  16. Other teas are made using fermented tea leaves; the fermentation process removes all these vital nutrients
  17. Evidence has suggested that drinking green tea helps dieters to burn fat and also makes the body burn more calories than caffeine or a placebo
  18. Green tea is good for your teeth and prevents tooth decay
  19. Green tea can reduce the chances of developing food poisoning thanks its antibacterial nature
  20. Green tea is used in a lot of beauty products as it does wonders for your beauty and wellness
  21. Green tea is now available in a capsule form for people who don’t want to drink tea
  22. The amount of caffeine in green tea is between 20 and 70 milligrams
  23. There are different varieties of green tea on the market – the difference is usually the amount of caffeine the tea contains

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