Raindrop Cake Recipe with Matcha Grass Crumbs (Mizu Shingen)

Raindrop cake, which is also known as Japanese water cake or mizu shingen mochi, is one of the most stunning looking desserts you can get. It looks like a raindrop and tastes sweet and smooth. Raindrop cake is traditionally made with agar (kanten) rather than gelatin but for the most translucent look agar works best […]

The Fat Burning Benefits of Drinking Matcha Green Tea

Matcha green tea is becoming more popular than ever. It’s definitely become more popular with people looking to lose a little weight. Matcha green tea has been proven to be effective at helping people lose fat. Obesity is a problem that is becoming a growing concern in several countries. As people gain weight they also […]

Black Sesame Matcha Green Tea with Blended Ice Recipe

This unusual drink is made with milk, matcha green tea powder and black sesame, for an exciting, Eastern-inspired taste. Throw in some ice cubes to ensure it is nice and cold, a little vanilla for sweetness, and also consider adding a banana to thicken it up a bit. Some people prefer a little xanthan gum […]