Matcha green tea and Fitness

Long has matcha green tea been used for its extraordinary health benefits, however, there has been a recent trend of using it for fitness. Beyond the multitude of health benefits connected with the use of matcha green tea powder, below are some fitness highlights which are associated with drinking this miracle elxir.

As a standout amongst the benefits attained from this drink, studies have shown that drinking matcha green tea brings down blood cholesterol levels and also provides protection against heart and tumor diseases. It also helps reduce circulatory strain levels by a notable percentage.

Drinking matcha green tea also provides a way to increase your fitness and over time, this gives you another tool to help manage weight and boost general wellbeing.

How matcha helps you achieve your fitness goals

So how does matcha green tea help you achieve your fitness goals, be it overall fitness, general wellbeing or just plain old weight loss?

Muscle enhancement

To help boost muscle development, add approximately 5g of our culinary matcha green tea powder to your pre-workout protein shake. Note that this contains around 150 mg of caffeine which studies have said helps with muscle development, though not conclusively. As with any pre-workout shake, drinking it 30 minutes before your workout will net the best results. The L-Thiamine and caffeine present in matcha helps give you a boost in muscle growth whilst the protein in the shake gives your body the fuel to perform better.

Fat Loss or weight loss

Drink a chilled matcha green tea, or add 3 grams of matcha in your jug of water before or during your work out. This will help improve your digestive system and also boost the calorie burns that you experience during your workout with any additional calories that you get from a regular protein shake. This will contain approximately 90mg of caffeine, essentially the same as a cup of coffee and is ideal for cardio or weight sessions.

These are just a few examples of how matcha green tea can provide numerous benefits to enhance your existing fitness regime. With natural nutrients such as l-thiamine, catechins and caffeine, matcha green tea is an extraordinary workout supplement that provides notable benefits when dealing with weight loss, general muscle growth and development as well as overall wellbeing.

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