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What does the Japanese Tea Ceremony Really Symbolise?

A lot of non-Japanese people will be aware of the traditional tea ceremony. They may know the history of it, the intricate process, and the religious origins, but very few people outside of Japan truly understand the meaning of it. Even in Japan not everyone fully understands the significance except those who are truly dedicated […]

Matcha Green Tea for Diets and Weight Loss

Weight issues are regular in today’s general public and this is to a great extent on account of the unfortunate ways of life the vast majority accept. With this increasing trend, effective methods of weight loss are being consistently sought after promoting a jump in the types of weight loss programs that guarantee compelling weight […]

How much caffeine does Matcha Green Tea have compared to coffee?

One of the most commonly asked question we have received is “How much caffeine does matcha green tea contain?” In brief, a single serving of Matcha, which is about 1 gram of matcha, contains approximately 34mg of caffeine, much less than a cup of coffee. This is seen by most as only a small measure […]

The Different Grades of Matcha Green Tea

Following our mantra of “less is more”, Happy Matcha only sells two grades of matcha, Ceremonial Grade matcha and a Culinary Grade matcha. Ceremonial matcha is basically the best matcha money can buy, designed for drinking and used in Tea ceremonies. On the other hand, Culinary Grade matcha was crafted for cooking, its fine texture and […]

Matcha green tea and Fitness

Long has matcha green tea been used for its extraordinary health benefits, however, there has been a recent trend of using it for fitness. Beyond the multitude of health benefits connected with the use of matcha green tea powder, below are some fitness highlights which are associated with drinking this miracle elxir. As a standout […]